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If you’re looking for an southeast Asia trip planning, guided tours in SE Asia, or travel consulting, start with our Asia Private Tour Packages section, see details about our planning services.

Asia Private Tour Packages created by us are about extraordinary experiences, tailoring, and having lots of options. We provide service with real experiences.


We carefully craft your tailor-made Asia trip with the ultimate attention to detail. Contact us to make it happen or review our Asia Package Tours planning services.

Peter Pan can create a personalized trip of a lifetime to southeast Asia that you just can’t create on your own. Having now created more than 200 personalized Asia vacations, we are proud to say we have not had a single big complaint. Our business model here is that of a consultant, not a travel agent, therefore we charge fees for our services rather than work from commissions (contact us to find out how this actually saves you money).


After creating a detailed itinerary, we’ll recommend and book accommodations you’ll love that are available for your dates, meet your preferences, and are within your budget.

We reserve private guides, and small group private tours. We supply maps. We book drivers, trains or rental cars for a smooth trip.

We recommend and book restaurants. We will give you a checklist of local foods to try.


Our Coaching service was created for the traveler that enjoys planning and booking their own travel but is overwhelmed with information after reading guidebooks and searching online. They don’t want full service planning, just solid tailored recommendations and they can take it from there. If you hire us for Asia Travel Coaching, here’s what you can expect:

First, please note, coaching is completely over email and is done over 7 days, scheduled when mutually convenient.

We want to know about you and your travel partners. Tell us your interests, your desires for this trip, your general ages and energy levels. Whether you’ve been to SE Asia before?, and if so, where you went. We want to know what would make this trip perfect, or what you envision as your ideal day – because of course we’ll help you make it happen.


We’ll put together a recommended overall itinerary that will incorporate everything you wished for, and some things we think you’d love. At the end of this phase, you’ll know what the highlights of your southeast Asia trip are, you’ll know how long you’re spending in each place, and how you’re traveling from A to B within SE Asia.

You will get our accommodation recommendations based on your preferences, and your budget. We like to spend time understanding your accommodation preferences – do you like luxury hotels, farmhouses, B&Bs, boutique hotels, or villas? Do you need a concierge, an on-site restaurant, or a swimming pool? Would you like a view?


We’ll then send you links to recommended private tours, guides and activities, which you then go book.

After discussing logistics with you and tell you whether to rent a services and how to do it, how to book train tickets online, and we’ll connect you with our recommended private drivers and guides.

After that, we start discussing food! We’ll recommend places for lunch and dinner. We are accustomed to accommodating food allergies or preferences such as gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan or kosher and can make appropriate recommendations.

And finally, we’ll send you our pre-trip checklist to make sure we can answer any questions you have about packing, technology, travel insurance, cell phones, safety, maps, guidebooks, phrasebooks, and tipping.

Hire us to create your amazing SE Asia trip!