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Our Company

We create and operate recumbent trike tours in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Our services include:

  • We deliver a comfortable, safe, fun adventure travel experiences.
  • The tour price includes : trike, accommodation,  fruits shakes/smoothies, local expert guide, support car
  • Our support vehicles and guides carry your luggage and provide a place for you to rest if you get tired. Our staff will make any running repairs on your trike.
  • Your cycling will be a pleasure . Our trikes are equipped with the world’s most comfortable natural latex seat cushion, super comfortable and cool. We can arrange an electric motor assist if you prefer it.
  • During the rides, we keep you topped up with cold water, fruit juices, soft drinks and snacks .
  • We offer a good mix of  hand-picked, luxury accommodation on all of our tours. Always aiming for local charm, we use the best of what is available.
  • At the end of the day, we make sure you get a good meal and prepare your trike for the next day’s riding.
  • We email you a detailed fact sheet for each tour with information on what you will see, what’s included, what visas you need, what the weather is like and what to expect. When you book a space we send you a pre-departure information sheet telling you what you need to bring, how to pack and what paperwork you require.


We have been arranging unique private tour packages for small groups to different countries in Southeast Asia since 2011.

We believe that perfect planning is in the experience. The key is in re-visiting our destinations with focus on quality and safety.

recumbent trike thailand tour

Our recumbent trikes

Generally we use “Gekko 26” recumbent trikes from HP Velotechnik Germany.  This brand of trike provides very tough, reliable, quality frames and all parts are of very high quality.

Trikes are equiped with the world’s most comfortable latex seat cushionsWe can arrange an electric motor assist if you prefer it. 

Our staff and support car always carries spares in case of emergency.

  • We supply bike helmets with our trikes.
  • Each evening our team will give the trikes a clean and check over so every thing is ready before the start of cycling the next day.