Along Mekong tour

I am developing a new route “Along Mekong “ in a region called Isan, Thailand. This is northeast of Thailand, the less visited by tourist area, absolutely off the beaten track.

The values of this tour:

  • authentic rural Thailand
  • country roads along Mekong River and beauty of rice fields
  • healthy food of Isan
  • Walking Streets with hundreds of food stalls (Chiang Khan town and Nakhon Phanom city)
  • Mekong panoramas (Wat Phu Tok)
  • proximity to Laos (just opposite  bank of the river) – could do a Vientiane stopover
  • the oldest temples in Thailand
  • Buddha Park (Sala Keoku in Nong Khai)

I was already cycling some parts of this route in 2019 and now I want to make adjustments and include the tour in our offer.


It will be around 600 km and takes me a week or so:
Day 1) Loei to Chiang Khan
Day 2) Chiang Khan to Sung Khom (Wixky Hotel)
Day 3) Wat Pha Tak Suea to Nong Khai (Park Pool Resort)
Day 4) Sala Keoku to Bueng Kan
Day 5) Wat Phu Tok to Phu Langka National Park
Day 6) Ban Phaeng to Wat Phra That Tha Uthen

Up and below are some pictures from my last year’s tour.

I will report the progress of new development from the ALONG MEKONG route soon!

Now is rainy season so I will take a trike with electric assist to unsure the plan. The most beautiful greens of rice fields awaiting 🙂