Seat Comfort and Tour Comfort


Seat Comfort – a recumbent trike provides a lounge chair in the outdoors! What more could you ask for! The reclining seat supports the body which means less stress in the back, neck and shoulders.
Also, the hands and wrists are not supporting the body as they are on an upright bike.
Body weight is spread over a larger, more comfortable seat which means no more ‘saddle soreness’ as often experienced on an upright bike.
Improved aerodynamics – recumbent riders have a lower frontal area which reduces air resistance. This means riders expend less energy having to overcoming air resistance than traditional upright bike riders.

There’s a good reason recumbent trikes have been called recliners on wheels 🙂

Recumbent cyclists has none of the neck, shoulder, and wrist discomfort associated with normal bicycle cycling enabling you to ride long distances quite comfortably.

Tour Comfort – we create and operate all-inclusive recumbent trike package tours. Our services include:

  • We deliver a comfortable, safe, fun adventure travel experiences.
  • We email you a detailed fact sheet for each tour with information on what you will see, what’s included, what visas you need, what the weather is like and what to expect. When you book a space we send you a pre-departure information sheet telling you what you need to bring, how to pack and what paperwork you require.
  • The tour price includes all accommodation and all meals. Our support vehicles carry your luggage and provide a place for you to rest if you get tired. Our staff will make any running repairs on your trike.
  • During the rides, we keep you topped up with water, fruit, soft drinks and snacks and we make sure you get a nice cold drink – and usually a cold towel as well – at the end of each ride.
  • We offer a good mix of accommodation on all of our tours. Always aiming for local charm, we use the best of what is available.
  • At the end of the day, we make sure you get a good meal and prepare your trike for the next day’s riding.

We will be happy to help you with recommendations on all pre and post travel arrangements, such as hotels, flights and rail tickets. We can extend the tour arrival/departure hotel as pre or post tour hotel. We can recommend you arrival/departure flights. Once you have chosen your trike trip and dates, call or email us to discuss all your pre- and post-tour plans.

Enjoy your recumbent trike touring!