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Discover mystical charms, fascinating architecture, natural wonders and electrifying cities.


Laos is Southeast Asia’s best-kept secret. What this landlocked nation lacks in beaches it more than makes up for in timeless charm. Its mostly mountainous terrain is punctuated by charming villages and hill-tribes who, despite neighboring five other countries, retain a distinct culture and way of life found nowhere else in the region.

You could combine Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia with Laos in your southeast Asia tour package. Laos is a very gentle country with a charming old capital Luang Prabang – it’s great for jungle, beautiful waterfalls and mountain trekking or visiting small rural places. If you have a keen interest in nature and cultural experiences and don’t need much in terms of entertainment or nightlife, then Laos for even a few days might just be the place for you.  more info about Laos


Thailand holds a special place in the hearts of travelers. Whether it’s beaches, mountains, nature, culture, food or nightlife, Thailand offers hard-to-beat options at extraordinary value. Thailand is blessed with two long coastlines, destination for most travelers to southeast Asia. read more about Thailand


Closed off for decades, Myanmar remains untainted by the globalization seen elsewhere in Asia. Traveling in Myanmar is like journey back in time. Still real southeast Asia tours, not found elsewhere.



Angkor Temples and Khmer people’s hospitality make Cambodia a traveller’s paradise.
One week to dip into Cambodia and see Angkor Wat and other highlights. End your trip with some quality beach time on the Otres Beach or Koh Rong Samloem Island.


Vietnam’s incredible diversity of offerings is a credit to its position along the Indochina Peninsula. Its coastlines facing both the Eastern Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. Scenic natural wonders, journey through history, and sample Vietnamese culinary delights. Meet hillside ethnic tribes in misty Sapa and relax on pristine tropical beaches.