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We create your tour package that is designed around the things you want to do, at the pace you desire.

Use our Asia tours planning services and let us take care of it.

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by information overload when researching southeast Asia resources on the net. Let Peter Pan plan your trip. It’s very easy to hurry up and try to do too much. Use our Asia tours planning services to create an itinerary that allows you to focus on right things for you and do not waste a time.

Peter Pan’s travel planning services gives you an final itinerary that is one page per day, plus all the contact information you need at your fingertips. Your goal is to experience Asia and pay attention to your surroundings. Of course, all activities are researched and triple-checked when creating the itinerary, and you are presented with the final version of tour package.

“Put me in the right place at the right time”, say some clients, and I’ll come home with great stories. Peter Pan can do just that.

Traveling to Asia is as exciting as it sounds; Asia is the largest and most diverse continent on Earth, so you’ll get more than your money’s worth of culture, beauty, history, and adventure.


At Peter Pan Travel, all tour packages are private and custom, created for the traveler based on their interests and budget. After you contact us, we’ll have some questions for you. We want to know about your interests, when you’d like to go to Asia, whether you’ve been before, and what you’d like to see and do on this trip. We treat every client’s trip as a separate project, and we use project planning software and a specific planning process for each trip so that every trip flows smoothly and is stress-free.

Personalized Tour Packages Planning

Whether you’re working with us for just seven days for a Coaching Session, or doing our Travel Planning Service , we’ll give you excellent and tailored suggestions, following the planning process we know results in a fantastic trip!