SAFETY of trikes:

  • The trike provides greater stability and importantly considerably more comfort than a bicycle.
  • The wide, supporting seat of the recumbent bike places the body in a more relaxed position with the head looking forward rather than down; for increased visibility and awareness.
  • Riders are able to relax and come to a complete stop with ease, not
having to worry about dropping their feet off the pedals as they have to
on a bicycle.
  • On the road; in fact trikes look unusual for motorist and that grabs
attention and mostly they give us more space.

To increase visibility we use  mirrors,flags, lights ,bright colours of our
trikes as well as bright shirts and helmets.
  • Full instruction, fitment and safety brief for a first time users: with a recumbent trike, will be provided and learning the trikes is easy there’s no balancing involved!

Trikes offer a convenient, environmentally friendly alternative to sightseeing , Save on gas and get a workout at the same time.
  • Stay away from viruses, trike provides social distancing.


From UTAH TRIKES: “Three-wheeled benefits:

· Stability – loose gravel, sand, ice, tire blowouts, etc. will not send a trike crashing to the ground.
· Ride during the winter – hitting a patch of ice is fun on a trike.
· Do you have trouble balancing? No problem with a trike.
· No need to drop a foot off the pedal in tight turns to protect against wipeouts
· Leaning into the turns makes cornering on a trike fun.”

Our recumbent trike tours offer revolutionary sightseeing and a new way to enjoy a travel. Enjoy your recumbent trike riding!